Niranjan's Books The new WIP I started on August 26th is already at 18k words, and has a cover. I may have a cover addiction? Here’s an excerpt from the new story “The first day I came,” she said, speaking slowly, “you told me sthat the weapon wasn’t meant to kill Draven, but to save … More New WIP

New Releases

Niranjan's Books Deathless Ones is due to release on September 16. Don’t forget that it is already available for pre-order from a lot of different sites. Unfortunately, amazon doesn’t allow for pre-order for books not published through them. But you can still get your pre-order in Apple, Kobo and lots of other sites Get your … More New Releases

The Elitist Supremacy

The Elitist is now available in both e-book and paperback. Here’s a sneak peek: “Mr. Selwood!” The urgency of Quinn’s voice warned him as he flung himself on the nearest person who was Dylan, shouting, “Get down!” The window glass exploded, raining down shards on them. “Quinn!” he hissed. “Initiate emergency lockdown!” This was why … More The Elitist Supremacy

Random Nonsense

The kitchen was cold, and Tris pulled the edges of her nightrobe closer as she stepped inside, her bare feet curling in protest against the cold floor. She turned on the light and blinked her eyes against the bright fluorescence. She blinked again, but this time it was not about the light. Blood. It was … More Random Nonsense

New short work

A/n: This is the beginning of a new project. It will either be a short stoiry or a novella. When he woke, it was dark, but that could be because he was in a dark room. Next it occurred to him that he was still alive. Someone had saved him. Why can’t humans just let … More New short work