How do I write a first draft? The 3 secrets to plotting vs pantsing your novel. 

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You’re pumped, right? Inspired. You’ve got an idea that you can’t get out of your head – be it for a novel or a short story or even a screenplay. It’s an idea that came to you in the night, maybe. An idea that hopefully popped into your head after…

Pages of Surprises: The Joy and Despair of Being a Pantser

Uh, pantser? Simply, it refers to writers who write by the seat of their pants. Those who make it up as they go along. Sometimes they have a general idea where the plot is going, and where it is supposed to go, but mostly, they’re also waiting to find out as they write. Really? Writers … More Pages of Surprises: The Joy and Despair of Being a Pantser

The Banished Secret

Chapter Seven Arnava stepped into the room cautiously. He was carrying his bow and arrows, his dagger and his sword. The room was empty. The entire building was deserted as was evident from its dilapidated condition. Yet, he had been told to come here. He pushed open the window, which protested with a creak, but … More The Banished Secret

Spirit’s Lullaby

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Continuing the Shaudrey Universe series is Spirit’s Lullaby, the second book of the series. The story is set five years after the first book, Fire’s Song and it continues the story of Tella whom we met for the first time in Fire’s Song as a precocious teenager. Tella is grown…

The Banished Secret

Chapter Six “Hi big bro,” chorused the two in unison as they plopped in front of Aditya. Aditya looked up, somewhat bemused, from the book he was reading. Shyam and Vina gave him identical smiles. “Big bro?” He asked. “Where did that come from?” “When we’re in class, we do call you professor,” Shyam replied … More The Banished Secret