I need to remember What I have forgotten The lost wonders of a childhood The forbidden delights Of splashing in a puddle Of running through the rain The innocent joys Of laughter without reason And quickly drying tears I have forgotten now But every now and then Your mischievous smile And excited voice Your reproachful … More Childhood

A flashback

Pandu, the King, nay the Emperor of Bharatas surveyed his domain in the moonlight. A thatched hut, barely adequate to keep out the elements; a few scraggly vegetable plants and herbs; some scrawny cattle. That was the sum total of his Kingdom and his possessions. And the three human beings currently asleep inside the hut … More A flashback

A poem??

I found it lying on the ground, a necklace of gems, glittering in the moonlight. Eagerly did I snatch it, fearful lest someone may come and lay claim to it. Placing it against my breast, I admired myself. Enamoured of the light playing with the gems, I was captivated. I clasped it around my neck … More A poem??