A fanfic

“Radheya,” a voice whispered in his ear; someone’s breath fanned his cheeks. Someone nibbled his earlobe. “Vasusena” A hand skimmed his body with a touch as light as a feather. He woke, feeling disoriented, and as the last vestiges of sleep cleared, he sighed softly. A dream after all. His hand touched his ear. It … More A fanfic

One shot

The walk felt good to Vasusena. The gardens were beautiful. He was not able to enjoy them the previous day. Much as he loved Suyodhana, his envy of his cousins was something he could not understand. So the Pandavas had turned a barren wasteland to a thriving city. So they had beautiful palaces and gardens. … More One shot


The sky was grey. The storm clouds had gathered overhead. He could feel the wind whipping his body. Let the rain come, thought he. Let it cleanse me of this terrible sin. It had been a week since he learned the truth. He was yet to recover from its effects. The initial shock had passed, … More Mourning


You were the first rebel Not just the Evil Tempter Who made us taste the Forbidden Fruit But the first who dared to rebel against omnipotence To some you were a hero, to others a villain But to all, you were the absolute evil You were blamed for everything that went wrong You were the … More Lucifer