You were the first rebel

Not just the Evil Tempter

Who made us taste the Forbidden Fruit

But the first who dared to rebel against omnipotence

To some you were a hero, to others a villain

But to all, you were the absolute evil

You were blamed for everything that went wrong

You were the cause of all our misery

Reviled, hated and feared by most

And adored and worshipped by a few

You were compared to the worst of our race

Or rather, they were compared to you

(Though one wonders if you could have held a candle to them)

After all, what is it that you really did?

By making us taste the fruit,

You only made us aware of good and evil

The choices thereafter were made by us, not you

So why blame you for everything?

Ultimately you are nothing but a fallen angel

Foolish enough to think you could challenge The Omnipotent

And win

But we are the Crown of Creation

Created in God’s own image

We cannot lose

So now we have you

To blame for our ills

And the Son of God

To bear the burden of our sins


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