Ganesh Chaturthi


Today is the day we welcome our beloved Ganesh to our humble abodes. He stays for different lengths of times in different homes with a minimum being a day & a half to a maximum of ten days. On the tenth day the idols are immersed in seas & oceans & on the eleventh day we wake up to a beach strewn with the remains of our beloved God. His trunk, his half dissolved arms, ears, clothes lie on the beach. Volunteers & municipal workers then get down to cleaning these beaches. And then begin the endless posts on Facebook, WhatsApp, forwarded emails, etc whether this is how we respect our religion & our Gods, is it necessary to pollute nature while worshiping our Gods while the atheists & agnostics feel superior for a few days as they condemn this God which leads people to pollute nature. SomeĀ devotees are confusedā€¦

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