Random Thoughts

1. Some true stories read like bad screenplays of unrealistic movies. Except that the audience are not given the option to boo, hiss, catcall or walk out.


2. What is meant to be broken, cannot be mended.


3. Sometimes, the darkness seems to be a perfect symbol for my life. Unchanging, monotonous and without any light.


4. From the frying pan to the fire is quite a natural progression for some people. I am one of them.


5. Life and death jostles each other; joys and sorrows nudge each other; night follows day and day follows night; great losses are tempered by small victories till in the final reckoning, it is found that everything has balanced out somehow. Sufferings and pain and happiness and pleasures and losses and gains and griefs and hopes all even out in the great plain of death.


6. The poems that remain unwritten are still more beautiful than those that have found their way out of my spluttering pen.


7. There are times when life seems intent on grinding you to dust. At those times, it may help to remember that sooner or later, life will grind everyone to dust. You are not alone, just one of many; and neither life nor death has favourites. If you have the courage for one, you must have the courage for other. All life does ultimately is give you the strength to face death with dignity, if not tranquillity.


8. Opportunity. Is that all life is about? Hopes and dreams and love and pain does not matter?


9. When you love, love with all you have. Hold nothing back. Give all that is there in your heart, good or bad. For then only will it be worthy of being called love.


10. Grind me to dust if it is Thy Will; Let me suffer hurt and humiliation and heart-break if it is Thy Will. I ask no blessing; seek no reprieve, save the heart and the strength to accept Thy Will.


11. “I will give my life for you,” said he with complete conviction. She smiled, a bit sadly. “I know. But I would prefer you to live for me.” “As opposed to die for you?” “As opposed to die. Period.”


12. Death is not the end of life. It is merely the end of the life we are familiar with.


13. What is worse, pain or embarrassment? Maybe they are just illusions too as this entire world is said to be. But why does an illusion have to be painful? Why do there have to be hunger and disease and war? Why can’t an illusion be all rosy dawns and days and dusks?


14. Though we know that death is inevitable, we never fail to be surprised by it.


15. Imagine the state of mind when the solid ground you stand on turns to quicksand and starts to suck you in. You may escape, but will the scars ever fade? Will you ever learn how to trust? How long before the fear leaves you and night brings healing sleep instead of nightmares?


16. There are no good ways to die; only good ways to live.


17. There may not be any good ways to die, but there are plenty of degradingly painful ways to meet your end.


18. Absences are felt more keenly than presences.


19. If you want to have your portrait pained, it is always a good idea to hire a painter to do it. You cannot say, there is only this wood cutter available, so he will have to paint my picture. You may shout at and abuse him and tear your hair out in frustration, but if you want your picture pained, you will have to hire a painter.


20. Death does not end anything for the living. Life just turns over a new page. One without the dead one. A new life without him or her. A whole lot of chapters where he or she will have no role.


21. Some dreams get broken, some just die. Some dreams just vanish as if they have never ever been.


22. When I am with you, I am afraid to close my eyes, lest the blink of an eye should see you all grown up. When I hold you close, I am afraid to breathe, lest, the slightest stir should cause you to break free. When you fall asleep in my arms, I am afraid to dream, lest, my dreams should turn real before I am ready to let go.


23. There are times when I grow so tired of this life; times when I wonder why I go on. And then I come home and find that life is worth living; that I do have reasons to go on. My reasons for living are just two and they both call me mother.


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