A Story Lost In Time

Book One: The Fire Does Not Consume  Prologue  Arjuna rushed into the tent. Draupadi looked up. She did not know what made her come there that day. Some sixth sense had drawn her thither. She had come to learn that Vasusena and Arjuna were battling. Yudhistira had told her about his defeat at Vasusena’s hands. … More A Story Lost In Time

The Red Jacket

A/N: This is a piece of fan fiction I wrote based on the 90s TV Show, Dracula The Series.  Alexander came upon it so accidentally. He had not even known he had kept it. But rummaging in his wardrobe for a clean shirt, he found it hanging in one corner. The red jacket was quite … More The Red Jacket


He stood in the shadows, watching, as he had been doing for eons. Landscapes had changed since he began his shadowy watch. Forests which were once his refuge had shrunk almost to nothingness. New Roads had come where there were once only grass and trees. Houses made of strange materials never seen in his boyhood … More Prologue