The Life that Never Was: Part Eight

The young man looked at him in confusion, but Vasusena had recovered his composure.
With a nod at the occupants of the room, he walked inside and sat down on to an empty couch as far away from them as possible. The room was low ceilinged and warm. It was also crowded with chairs and couches and divans and small tables.
“Do you need something to drink?” The youth asked.
“Just water,” said he.
He nodded and went towards the kitchen.
There was silence in the room. The patter of rain seemed unnaturally loud. Vasusena pointedly looked away from the others.
The Pandavas, for it was they, fidgeted uncomfortably. Krishna seemed unruffled.
“I hope you heard that the war had been avoided,” said Krishna. His intent gaze was on Vasusena.
Vasusena glanced at Krishna, trying hard not to show his overwhelming relief.
“No, I received no message.”
“A messenger might have been despatched today,” said Krishna. “The terms were finalized only late evening yesterday.”
“And what are those terms?”
“The Pandavas shall have Indraprastha back. As per the terms of the dice game.”
“This is not the way to Indraprastha,” he could not help saying. He still could not understand what they were doing here.
“No, but I suggested a trip to the famous Siva temple before they leave for Indraprastha.”
Vasusena made no answer. The temple was not all that famous. He had a feeling Krishna had engineered this situation. Though how he could have engineered an unseasonal rain was beyond him.
He could not accuse Krishna of engineering anything, though. The silence that fell was an uncomfortable one. It was punctuated by the sound of Bheema breaking his knuckles, Nakula tapping his foot and Sahadeva drumming his fingers. Yudhistira fidgeted. Arjuna was still, deliberately not looking at Vasusena. The situation was not a comfortable one for Vasusena. That the Pandavas looked equally uncomfortable was the only consolation he could find. But he was hoping the rain would clear soon so that he could be on his way.


3 thoughts on “The Life that Never Was: Part Eight

  1. Hi Geethu πŸ™‚
    Fi anlly we meet in wp too.
    Anyways coming to the update, I started from where I left reading ur SS in I-F.
    If u recall I did comment that I was guessing Pandavas or one or two of them to be the strangers in the guest house.
    And what is Krishna strategising now….to prevent the war. What will Vasusena do? Will soon read the other parts too.


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