The Life that Never Was: Part Nine

“When did you start? This morning?” Krishna’s voice intruded into his thoughts.
Vasusena nodded. “How about you?”
“We started yesterday night after the terms had been agreed on. The armies had been disbanded and sent to their respective kingdoms. Pitamaha Bheeshma has taken personal responsibility for the armies of Anga.”
Vasusena felt relieved. He was also surprised, but he did not show it, just nodding in response. A goblet of water was brought to him and he drained it in one gulp. He had not realized he was thirsty.
“Something to eat?” The boy asked.
He shook his head. “Some more water, please.”
The boy nodded, and left returning immediately with a jug of water.
“You Lords will have something to eat?”
“Not now,” spoke Yudhistira.
“What about the ladies?”
“They too shall have later,” said he.
Ladies? Vasusena frowned. He hoped that the ladies did not consist of Kunti. Now that the threat of war was over, he only wanted to forget her and her sons, preferably for the rest of his life.
Krishna rose from where he was sitting and came to him. He sat down next to him.
“And do you think you will be able to forget that easily?” His voice was a whisper that was barely audible.
Vasusena glanced at the Pandavas. They had not heard, but they looked surprised.
“Your friends are surprised,” he whispered back. “Soon they will be worried and curious.”
Krishna smiled and answered, still in that undertone. “Why are you so bothered about what they might think?”
“I am not,” he muttered. “But as their friend, you should be.”
“As their friend, I should be trying to remove the estrangement between them and their brother, shouldn’t I?”
Vasusena looked down at his own clasped hands.
“They are not my brothers,” the response was automatic.
Krishna snorted. “How about the truth?” His whisper held intensity.
Vasusena licked his lips which were suddenly dry. “I… I’m not ready. And,” he paused, searching for words. He raised his eyes and looked Krishna full in the face. “I can’t forgive her.”
“Have you tried?”
“I don’t want to try,” his smile was grim.
“And are your brothers to pay the price? And for how long? Their mother’s concern for her reputation had cost them your love and care. And now your anger for her should also cost them?” Krishna paused. “You may not need them or their love, but have you considered that perhaps they might need your love?”
“Love!” Murmured Vasusena. “You make it sound so easy!”
“It is easy if you just open your heart,”
Vasusena looked away from the other man. Krishna’s eyes held so much depth, that he feared he might get lost.
He was not aware of the vulnerability or the anguish in his eyes as he turned his face away and his eyes met Yudhistira’s.


2 thoughts on “The Life that Never Was: Part Nine

  1. Wow Geethu wonderful update 🙂 The Krishna-Karna conversation was subtle yet Krishna brought frwd and pointed the quagmire Vasusena is and who is suffering and losing out in the process


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