The Life that Never Was: Part Ten

Yudhistira watched Krishna talk to Vasusena. The two were conversing on low tones. He wondered what they were talking about.
“What are they talking about?” Muttered Bheema.
“That’s what I too would like to find out,” murmured Yudhistira. They both looked at Arjuna who had the sharpest hearing amongst the five.
Arjuna shook his head. “I can’t hear anything,” said he. “They are on the other side of the room and talking in very low tones. The rain is a very effective cloak too. I might be able to hear if I strain but I would not be able to distinguish the words they speak.” He paused. “And I do not want to strain. I do not want to spy on Krishna.”
“It’s not spying,” muttered Nakula. “They are not talking in secret or anything,”
“If they intended to be heard, they would be speaking aloud,” said Sahadeva. “Arjuna is right. We would be spying if we tried to overhear their conversation.”
“They look like they are arguing,” muttered Yudhistira.
“You don’t seem very happy about it,” said Arjuna with a curious glance at him. Yudhistira fidgeted. He wasn’t happy. Because from their posture, it seemed that their argument was a friendly one. There was no hostility in them towards each other. And that’s what bothered him.
“The King of Anga looks discomfited,” murmured Sahadeva.
So he did, noticed Yudhistira. Vasusena was looking away from Krishna, as if reluctant to meet the other’s eyes. Yudhistira was not certain if it was a good thing.
Vasusena turned his face and his eyes met Yudhistira’s. Yudhistira felt his breath catch at the raw pain in the man’s eyes.


2 thoughts on “The Life that Never Was: Part Ten

  1. Amazing Geethu 🙂 U captured every bit of thoughts and discussion among the Pandavas brothers regarding the Krishna-Karna convo in such a short chappy…esp. Yudi….he’s perturbed and perhaps a bit apprehensive about the Krishna-Karna’s friendly discussion until he witnessed the pain eyes of Vasusena.

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