The Mansion


The moon was full. It was the perfect night. He knew this was the night. But just in case something went wrong…. He looked at the package in his hand.
“Ram!” His tone was peremptory. The boy came to him. He handed over the package in his hand to the boy.
“Take this to the madam in the town. Tell her its from me.”
The boy nodded.
“And Ram,” he paused. “Don’t come back tonight. Go home.”
The boy nodded.
He would need to send the other servants home too. He did not want anyone to be there when he started his experiment.
Very soon, he was alone. He went into the courtyard. The full moon hung above, not even a cloud obscuring it. The sky was completely cloudless, he saw. It seemed like a good sign.
He turned off the fountains. The courtyard was silent now. He went inside the house and started turning off the lights, one by one. Some of the rooms had electric lights and they were easy to turn off.
He entered his study. The room was lit by candles. He would turn them off just before starting.
He thought of the package he had sent. He hoped it would have reached Tessa. She would know what to do if something went wrong.
He glanced outside at the window. The moon’s light had to fall fully into the room. It would not be long now. He started blowing off the candles one by one. The room was in complete darkness, the moon light that came in through the open window was still not strong enough.
He sat down at his desk in the darkness, drumming his fingers on the wood. He was feeling excited, but also nervous.
He took a drink to steady his nerves.


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