What if…. Chapter One

Chapter One

“What’s he doing?” Muttered Suyodhana as Yudhistira dismounted from his chariot and made his way to the enemy lines. He heard the sniggers from his own side and the snide remarks, but he did not believe Yudhistira was coming to surrender. The man looked too full of purpose, his stride too measured for a man looking to submit. And however grudgingly, Suyodhana had to admit that his cousin was no coward. People mistook his peaceable nature for cowardice, but that was one mistake Suyodhana had never made.
Yudhistira went to the elders to seek their blessings. Suyodhana turned his face away resolutely, ignoring the bile that rose to his throat. He had no doubt that all of them would bless Yudhistira with victory. And they were supposed to be on his side!
His eyes went to the camp where Vasusena was. He was the only one who wanted victory for him. And to his misfortune, he was out of this war. A frown appeared between his brows. Vasusena should have been standing there, outside the camp. Maybe it galled him too much to watch the battle when he was not part of it.
But Suyodhana still felt uneasy. He had not seen Vasusena since they parted from each other in the evening. He had not missed him in the preparations for battle, but Vasusena should have come to wish him luck.
Suyodhana gestured to one of the soldiers.
“Go and see where the King of Anga is!”
He watched the man go, a frown furrowing his brows.
The man was back in a few moments.
“The King of Anga is not in the camp. No one knows where he is!”
Suyodhana gritted his teeth. He jumped down from the chariot and walked to where uncle was, completely ignoring his cousins who were seeking the elders’ blessings now.
“Vasusena is missing!” He told Bheeshma without preamble.
Bheeshma raised his eyebrows. “Missing?”
“I haven’t seen him since last evening. He’s not in the camp and no one knows where he is!”
Suyodhana saw the slight smile that appeared on Krishna’s face.
“You!” He rounded on him. “You are behind this!”
“You are paranoid!” Exclaimed Arjuna. “Your friend goes missing and Krishna is responsible?”
“He probably ran away!” Chortled Nakula.
Suyodhana ignored his cousins. “I’m talking to you, Krishna!”
“I’m not behind it, as you imply. But I do know where he is. And I do know that he had been taken against his will.”
A stunned silence greeted the soft spoken words.


5 thoughts on “What if…. Chapter One

  1. Awesome chapter geetha…I always love your portyal of duryadhan and Krishna relationship…I never knew that dury-Krishna verbal battle can.be so interesting….hats off to you ….you are a very talented writer.


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