What if…. Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Arjuna glanced sideways at his friend as they went back to their camp. That Krishna knew more than he told Suyodhana was evident to him. He wondered what it was about the King of Anga that made no less a deity than the sun god wish to save him. He was not a little gratified that the sun god had tacitly agreed that he was better than Vasusena.
Krishna gave him an amused glance as if reading his thought. Arjuna blushed, the rise of colour lending added charm to his dusky face. He smiled at his friend.
He had been stunned by Suyodhana’s words. He had, like many, thought that Suyodhana’s relation with Vasusena was one of mutual convenience. Vasusena was an effective weapon to face him. That Suyodhana actually cared for Vasusena had occurred to none of them.
Krishna had not seemed surprised, he thought. Which meant Krishna knew. After today, he should not be surprised that Krishna knew things that most of them had missed, but still he was amazed.
He thought bitterly that it was truly ironic that Suyodhana who was so lavish in his affection for a nobody, should hate them so intensely. Had it not been for his ire towards them, how happy they all might have been! How comfortable their lives might be!
He wondered if the war would actually happen now. Suyodhana looked to be in no fit state to prosecute it.
Arjuna could not decide if he wanted the war or not, in spite of all Krishna’s words to him earlier.
“Are you going to tell us anything more?” he asked once they were back in their camp. They were in the command tent, trying to formulate strategies. Not that there was anything to formulate since the war itself had become uncertain.
Krishna shook his head. “I’m bound by my word,” said he. “I revealed what I could. There’s nothing more I can say.”
“But you know why he was taken.” Persisted Arjuna.
“I already told you why he was taken.”
“But why him? Why is he so important to the sun god?” demanded Yudhistira. “The god has many devotees. What is special about this one? And why was my sire involved?”
“Your sire’s concurrence and help is required when it comes to saving a man who is marked for death,” responded Krishna. “Unless of course, you are the great destroyer himself. In which case, you need no one’s help.”
“But why did the god of death agree?” muttered Bheema.
“Because the sun god happened to be his father?” asked Nakula. “Just a guess.”
“Why are you all so interested in this suddenly?” asked Krishna. “Suyodhana, I can understand. But why should you be bothered? You should be thinking of how the situation can be turned to your advantage instead of bothering about the whys and wherefores!”
The mild rebuke had the desired effect and soon, they were deep in discussing strategies in case they needed to fight.


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