What if…. Chapter Five

Chapter Five

The news spread fast. No one knew who had talked, but very soon it was all over that Vasusena had been taken by gods.
Suyodhana fumed, but there was little else he could do. He went to Vasusena’s sons and found them in the same state he was in. Angry, worried and above all, desperate to find him.
“Forgive me for asking this,” said Vrishasena. “But are you certain Krishna was telling the truth? How can you be certain he is to be trusted?”
He sounded apologetic. But Suyodhana could not fault his doubt. It was a doubt that would have occurred to anyone. And if not for the touch of compassion in Krishna’s eyes, and the ring of truth in his words, he might not have believed him either.
“I am certain,” said Suyodhana now. “He was telling the truth.”
Vrishasena frowned. “But did he tell you all he knew?”
Suyodhana shook his head. “I don’t think so. But I have no skills to persuade him further.”
“Would it be possible for me to meet him?” asked Vrishasena, hesitantly. “If he knows a way of bringing my father back, perhaps he will tell me.”
Suyodhana was about to refuse, but the look of hope on the boy’s face stayed his tongue. Why not? Thought he. Let the boy meet Krishna. If he tells him how Vasusena might come back, they would have achieved their objective. If not, they were no worse than before.
He nodded. “I will send word to the Pandava camp, requesting a meeting.”
Vrishasena nodded. He gave a half-hearted smile. Suyodhana’s heart wrenched to see him so worried. He placed a hand on his shoulder. “We’ll get him back,” said he.
Vrishasena gripped his hand. “I hope so,” said he, his brows furrowed with worry. Suyodhana sighed and pulled Vrishasena into a hug. Vasusena’s children were his responsibility now. He had to take care of them till his friend came back.
He was not ready to accept the possibility that Vasusena might not come back. He was prepared to do anything. If the possibility of war was what made the sun god take him, he would sue for peace. He would return the kingdom to his cousins. Nothing mattered as much as Vasusena. All his ambitions, all his wishes and desires, were as nothing without Vasusena. His life itself seemed meaningless without the other man.


4 thoughts on “What if…. Chapter Five

  1. Fantastic and awesome friendship. How I wish this had happened. But way will happen if suyodhan comes to know the actual identity of Karna and how will his brothers take it. Will all realise d truth? Pl let me. Grt writing. Bless u. Happy Vishu.

    Liked by 1 person

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