What if…. Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Vrishasena frowned slightly “Why does he want to meet me in private?”
Suyodhana looked worried. “I have no idea. I don’t like it.”
Vrishasena chuckled. “I am hardly such an important warrior. I don’t think we need suspect plans of any foul play. But I feel hopeful now.”
Suyodhana nodded. “I hope your hopes won’t be unfounded. But I have a feeling that Krishna will reveal only what he wants to.”
Vrishasena shrugged. “It’s our only hope to find my father.”
They were on their way to the Pandava camp. The chariot stopped next to the command tent. Yudhistira was standing in front of the tent. Yudhistira was nothing like Vrishasena had imagined. He was tall, lithe and athletic. His face had determination and purpose.
They got down. Bheema came to join his brother.
“Bheema shall take you to Krishna,” Yudhistira’s voice was mild as he addressed Vrishasena. “Suyodhana can wait here.”
Vrishasena nodded. “Thank you.”
Suyodhana put a hand on Vrishasena’s shoulder. “Just give a shout if you need me.”
Vrishasena felt gratitude well inside him. He could understand why his father chose to follow this man, in spite of everyone calling him unrighteous. He nodded and turned to follow Bheema.
Bheema was not unlike his imagination, Vrishasena thought. He was large, well muscled and his eyes were as hard as agates. He strode ahead, not looking to see if Vrishasena was able to catch up. His hostility was apparent.
Vrishasena sighed. He was feeling irritated with the big man. They were not at war. Couldn’t he at least be civil? He deliberately slowed his steps.
Bheema stopped and turned back.
“Hurry up!” Said he impatiently. “I don’t have all day!”
“Why? Am I keeping you from your next meal?”
Bheema glared at him and Vrishasena met his eyes defiantly.
“You’ve got spunk!” Muttered Bheema as he started to walk, this time slowly.
“And you have no manners!”
Bheema chuckled. “And a cub like you are going to teach me manners?”
“Somebody should,” replied Vrishasena drily.
They were walking shoulder to shoulder now. Vrishasena was glad that he was almost as tall as the big man.
“Are you an archer too?” Asked Bheema now, ignoring the last remark.
The question reminded Vrishasena of why he was there. He shook his head. “I prefer the sword,” he muttered. But his worry was evident now.
Bheema gave him a sidelong glance, but remained silent. Vrishasena was grateful for the silence as he sought to order his thoughts.


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