What if…. Chapter Nine

Suyodhana sat in his tent, scowling. It was not typical of Krishna, thought he, to have given a cryptic message. Still the other man had done just that. But, he admitted grudgingly, if anyone could arm twist a god, that was Krishna.
His scowl deepened as he thought of Krishna’s message. What meeting? When had Krishna managed to meet Vasusena? And why had his friend not told him?
Suyodhana was alone in his tent. He had wanted to be alone. But he missed his friend. It was a dull throb in his head, a sharp ache in his heart, a lump in his throat, a tightness in his breathing. He hated the feeling. But even more did he hate his own helplessness to do anything.
A soldier came into the tent hesitantly. Suyodhana scowled at the man. He had expressed his wish to be alone. Were his wishes of so little moment?
The soldier gulped. “Your highness, the prince of Anga desires to meet you. He’s waiting outside.”
Suyodhana’s scowl disappeared. “Send him in!” He said, eager to meet the boy. Vrishasena might have something important to tell him. They had decided that Vrishasena was to go directly to Krishna with Padmavathy’s answer. Had he already done it?
One look at Vrishasena dispelled all his hopes. The boy looked pale and haggard, defeated. He looked like a man who has lost all hopes.
“What is it, son? What did Krishna say?”
“I didn’t go to him,” whispered Vrishasena through bloodless lips.
“Your mother did not know?”
“She knew,” he paused. “After… After a lot of persuasion, she told me….” He paused. “I couldn’t go to him with it…. Not without telling you first….”
“Sit down,” said Suyodhana, almost forcing the boy on to a chair. Vrishasena looked to be in shock. Suyodhana did not want to think of the reason right then. He poured the boy some wine, which Vrishasena drank almost mechanically.
Suyodhana sat down opposite to him.
“Whatever it was,” he said carefully, “was it urgent enough to postpone your visit to Krishna?”
Vasusena looked at him. “Perhaps, I just want to know if my father still has a place in your heart and by your side after what I am about to tell you.”
Suyodhana felt a sense of foreboding.


One thought on “What if…. Chapter Nine

  1. Beautiful, awesome, fantastic…. Sorry couldn’t comment in ur previous chapter. Both d chapters r mind blowing… I loved it to d core. I loved d interaction between vrishsena and krishna. I loved d rapport btw suyodhan and vrishsena. Am eagerly waiting for rest of ur chapters to unfold…. Pls update soon. I can barely wait.you r a fantastic writer. Pls update soon.

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