What if…. Chapter Ten

Krishna looked up as the two men entered unannounced. He was not surprised. He had, in fact, left very specific instructions that these two ought to be brought to him anytime they came. But his companions were not so happy to see them.
Yudhistira and Arjuna strove to maintain a neutral facade. Bheema, Nakula and Sahadeva were openly hostile. Krishna knew that all veneers were to crack today. Loyalties and friendships were not the only things that were going to be strained.
“I need to talk to you, Krishna!” Suyodhana grated out.
“Have a seat, both of you,” Krishna waved them to the chairs. “I really am not comfortable talking when I am sitting and the other person is standing.”
Suyodhana glowered but sat down. Vrishasena too sat down, but the boy looked pale and stressed. Suyodhana was under an equal amount of stress, Krishna knew, but he was old enough to keep it under control.
“Speak,” said Krishna. “What do you wish to say?”
Suyodhana gave a pointed glance at the Pandavas, but Krishna ignored the glance. There had been too much secrecy already. They had come too close to the brink of destruction because of secrets. He was determined to bring the truth out into the open.
Sahadeva saw the glance and interpreted it correctly. “What, do you want us to leave?”
“Yes!” Suyodhana ground out. “I wish to talk to this- cousin of yours in private!”
“I’ve no desire to have a private conversation.” Said Krishna calmly. “What you have to say can be said openly.”
“I too prefer that.” said Suyodhana. “But do you think their delicate ears will be able to bear it?”
Bheema smashed his fist into his own hand. “My ear is coarse enough for anything you might have to say!”
“Bheema!” Yudhistira’s voice was sharp. “These are our guests!”
“That does not give them right to insult us!” Snapped Nakula.
“Peace,” said Krishna. “Allow him to speak.”
A contemptuous sneer was on Suyodhana’s face as he looked at his cousins.
“I’ll say what I came to say. I want Vasusena back. I know of the conversation he had with you. It makes no difference to me!”
“None?” Queried Krishna. He had known it all along. Vasusena should have trusted his friend enough to share the truth with him.
“I wish he’d told me. I wish he had more faith in me. But I can understand why he chose to remain silent.” His gaze held loathing as it swept his cousins. “But it makes no difference to me. I want him back. Tell me what I have to do.”
“What are you prepared to do?” Asked Krishna.
“I’m prepared to give your cousins back their Kingdom!”
The silence that fell was stunned. Krishna cleared his throat. “They’re your cousins too.”
“A fact I’ve been trying rather unsuccessfully to forget for a long time now!”
“Be that as it may, giving the Kingdom back might not be enough.”
“Then?” It was Vrishasena who spoke, his face strained and still pale. Krishna’s eyes softened as they rested on the boy, but it was still hard and speculative as he turned it back to Suyodhana.
“Are you prepared to share your friend?”
“He’s not a piece of meat to be shared!”
Krishna chuckled. “You know what I mean.”
Suyodhana was silent for such a long time that Krishna wondered if his judgement had been wrong, after all. This was the true test. This would show if Suyodhana’s love for his friend was stronger than his hatred for the Pandavas.
“If,” Suyodhana’s voice was low and laboured. “If Vasusena wills it, then yes, I can accept that.”
“You are forgetting that his consent or King Suyodhana’s consent are not all that matters here!” Vrishasena’s voice was loud. “How certain are you that he will be wanted by-others?”
“There’s only one way to find out,” said Krishna.
His eyes met Suyodhana’s.
“Why me?” Suyodhana’s voice was harsh.
“Because I am still bound by my word to your friend.”
“Don’t think I don’t know you will break it if it suits you!” Suyodhana was smiling almost fiendishly. “But I am going to enjoy telling this!”
Yudhistira’s heart twisted in apprehension as he saw the gloating expression on Suyodhana’s face.


One thought on “What if…. Chapter Ten

  1. Wow … You r tooooooo gud. Pls I need to read d final relevation. Plz plz update. I loved suyodhans love for karn. Wow it’s toooo gud … Plz plz update.


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