What if…. Chapter Twelve

Vrishasena was riding back to camp. He had taken his mother and the others back to Anga. His grandparents had to be told the truth of his father’s parentage too. They were not happy. His uncle too was not happy.
Vrishasena had assured them that the truth would not change anything. They might have an extended family now, but that was all. They were not easily comforted, but he told them Krishna had assured that without Vasusena’s consent, the truth would not be made public. They seemed relieved at that.
Vrishasena was happy to have gone home for a few days. The demobilization of troops was not yet complete. As such, he had time. He was glad to get the opportunity to spend time with his children. The twins were not old enough to know him, though they seemed to recognize his face and voice.
He sighed deeply. In spite of the way their lives had changed due to revealing of this hidden truth, he could only be thankful that the war had been averted. And they had King Suyodhana to thank for that. Had he remained obdurate, had his friendship not been stronger than his ambition, the war might have happened and his father might never have come back. As it was, they all had a chance for a fresh start now.
He grimaced as he thought of the Panadavas. He honestly hoped he and his brothers might not have to stay with them. Of course, there was not much danger of that since he could safely predict his father’s decision. It was not likely that his father would choose to be a part of the Pandava household even if he had no choice in being part of their family.
Lucky we could all choose our friends, though there’s no choice where family is concerned, thought he. His father’s new found family did not excite him or thrill him. They only made him feel apprehensive.
No matter what, thought he, they shall never belong to the Pandavas nor the Pandavas to them. They were worlds apart. They would be better off if they stayed away . Which might not be practically possible now, but at least, they could keep their interactions to a minimum.
It was with that resolve that he rode off back to camp. He hoped that demobilization would finish soon and they would be able to get his father back.


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