What if…. Chapter Fourteen

Prativindhya was nervous as he followed his uncle Suyodhana. They had no difficulty recognizing Vrishasena from the two who were sparring. He was grateful that Vrishasena was busy. Now that they were here, he could not think of a single thing to say to the older man.
It had seemed like a good idea to come and meet their new found older brother. They had discussed among themselves and had decided to come and meet him. But it was not so easy.
“Nervous?” Murmured Sutasoma. He always knew whenever his brother was tensed. Prativindhya had a habit of chewing on his lower lip when he was nervous.
“A bit,” Prativindhya muttered.
“I am quaking,” said Sutasoma. “Why are we here, again?”
“We came to meet our new found brother,” muttered Abhimanyu, breathing heavily. “He looks like a normal human being, then why are we so nervous?”
Srutakirti chuckled. “He’s good with the sword too.”
“Do we have to do this?” Asked Suhotra plaintively.
“Why did we come here then?” Asked Satanika.
“Maybe we should run,” suggested Niramitra.
“From what?” Asked Srutakarma.
“You are worse than children,” muttered Ghatotkacha, as he moved forward.
“Wait a while,” said Suyodhana as he moved into the practice arena. The two young men stopped sparring. Suyodhana held out his hand to Vrishasena.
“You have some visitors,” he said. “Why don’t you go and meet them while I teach this cub of mine a few tricks?”
Lakshmana’s face lit up and Vrishasena put his sword in Suyodhana’s hand.
He moved out of the practice arena, picking up his uttariya from the fence and wiping his face with it.


3 thoughts on “What if…. Chapter Fourteen

  1. Hi beautiful one…. Waited with baited breath to read it, by d way regarding ur ff “story lost in time ” I would like to read it… Can u plz tell me whr can I read it? Plz…

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