What if…. Chapter Two

Chapter Two Yudhistira was stunned by Krishna’s announcement. Krishna had said he had nothing to do with it, but if Suyodhana interpreted his knowledge as complicity, things could turn ugly. The way Suyodhana’s face paled on hearing Krishna’s words was a study. Yudhistira felt a pang of sympathy for his cousin which he suppressed. If … More What if…. Chapter Two

What if….

Prologue The man stirred. He had no idea where he was. He had no idea who he was. He frowned. He was lying on a grassy bank of a river. His clothes and body were wet. Had the river swept him here? It seemed likely. And yet, why was he alive? Why didn’t he drown? … More What if….

The Banished Secret

Chapter Ten The room was in shambles. Broken pieces of furniture lay everywhere. Cushions and mattresses were slashed to pieces. Curtains were ripped from their frames and torn apart. Vasusena stared at the room in dismay. True, he did not live here or use these rooms any more, yet such wanton destruction was inconceivable to … More The Banished Secret