What if…. Chapter Sixteen

“You’re not being fair,” Krishna pointed out. Suryadeva scowled, but made no answer.
“You have to bring him back,” pressed Krishna again.
“I don’t trust this peace,” muttered the Deva.
Krishna sighed. “Had you taken him with you when his mother abandoned him, that would have been fair. But what you did was neither befitting a Deva nor a father.”
“I didn’t want to lose my son!”
“No father does. I understand that. But you can’t live his life for him. Nor can you shield him from every danger.”
“You sound as if I’ve been shielding him all his life,” Surya’s voice was dry.
“Maybe not directly. But you did give him a shield.”
“That is no longer in place, thanks to the King of Devas.”
“So you decided to take him to your world?”
“If I had not, he might have been dead by now!”
“He’s human, he’s mortal. He has to die someday!” Exclaimed Krishna.
“Someday, yes. But you and I both know what would have happened!” Surya’s voice held suppressed rage. “And if you expect that I was going to stand by and let that happen to him, you’ve another thought coming!”
“You didn’t stand by and watch. You took matters into your own hands!”
“I told you what I was going to do. You didn’t exactly object.”
“There was little else I could do, considering the alternative.”
“Don’t tell me you anticipated this end.”
“Oh but I did. Which is why I let you take him in the first place. I have more faith in your son’s friend than he himself does.” He paused. “But all this is beside the point. Vasusena has a life back on earth. You have to return him.”
Surya was silent for a long while. Then he bowed his head and nodded. “As you wish.”


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