What if….. Epilogue

Vasusena was feeling irritable and moody. He was not a prisoner, but he felt like one. Neither his father nor his brothers told him anything about the war or its progress.
“Want to play a game of dice?” Asked Dharma. “It might calm your nerves.”
“I thought playing dice was a sin,” he muttered as he reluctantly took his seat.
“Gambling is a sin,” remarked Dharma. “A friendly game of dice with your brother now, is an entirely different thing.”
“Yea, I saw how that turned out for your son, back on earth,”
“You are always sarcastic,” complained Dharma.
“Habit,” said Vasusena, smiling. “And I know you are acting.”
“Me?” Dharma sounded injured. “I am Dharma. And you are accusing me of play acting?”
“If the glove fits,” said Vasusena, laughing.
“At least you still know how to laugh,” Dharma smiled.
Vasusena stopped laughing, sobering as he was reminded of his situation. But before he could open his mouth, a familiar voice rang out. “For a deva, you are singularly tactless, Dharma.”
Vasusena did not know how Krishna reached there. But he knew that Krishna might help him get back. He jumped up, upsetting the dice board and scattering the pieces.
“Krishna!” Exclaimed he, “you have to help me get back!”
“That’s exactly why I am here,” said Krishna as he bent down to pick up the dice pieces.
“Leave that,” said Dharma, impatiently. “Has father agreed to let him go?”
“I would hardly be here otherwise,” Krishna’s voice was bland.
“What’s happening in the war?” Demanded Vasusena.
“Bloodthirsty, aren’t you?” Observed Dharma.
“And you call me sarcastic,” muttered Vasusena.
“Well, about the war,” said Krishna, “your friend has decided to make peace with your brothers. He felt he really could not try and put a period to the existence of his friend’s brothers.”
“He knows?” Vasusena went pale.
“He knows. And so does your family. Which includes your extended family.”
“And he decided to make peace?” Vasusena did not notice the reference to the family. That Suyodhana had decided for peace for his sake made him feel overwhelmed.
“You should have told him,” said Krishna softly. “You should have had more faith in him.”
“I had faith in him,” said Vasusena. “But I couldn’t ask it of him. You should know that.”
“I do.” Krishna’s voice was gentle.
“Wait a minute,” said Vasusena as he remembered Krishna’s earlier words. “You said my family too knows.”
“Is there anyone who doesn’t know?”
“Except for the Kurus, which now includes you and yours, no one else knows. And Suyodhana and Vrishasena were both very insistent that no public announcement be made without your permission.”
“Thank God!”
“You are not going to give permission, are you?”
Vasusena shook his head.
“Well, I must give you fair warning before we return to earth, that I am very determined to see you as King of a united Kuru Kingdom. And I generally manage to get what I want,”
“There’s always an exception.” Said Vasusena. “However, let’s save the arguments for when we’re back on earth.”
Krishna nodded. “You are right.”
Vasusena turned to his brother, “Farewell,” said he.
Dharma inclined his head. “Until we meet again, brother. After all, you have to come to me some day.”
Vasusena smiled at that, but his heart was light.
“Bloodthirsty, aren’t you?” He grinned.


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      1. You’re Welcome dear! I’m doing well too. Just busy with work today and I have been working at Tommy Hilfiger for the past year and a half. My husband finally came to America back in February this year so my year long wait ended!


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