An Unexpected Twist… Chapter Four

Suyodhana was awake. He was no longer bound, but he still could not escape. His mind was clear and his thoughts lucid, but his body seemed to have a will of its own. It simply refused to obey his brain.
“What have you done to me?” He asked furiously.
Krishna shrugged. “What I had to do. Don’t worry. It is not permanent. It’s only till your father gives back the Kingdom.”
Suyodhana glared at Krishna and Krishna gazed calmly back.
“Are you so afraid of war, cowherd?” Mockery was his only weapon.
But it did not affect Krishna at all. He simply smiled.
“If that’s how you choose to see it,” his voice was calm.
Suyodhana fumed in silence. It was no fun to mock a man who refused to be provoked.
“How long are you going to keep me here?”
“That all depends on your dearest friend.” Said Krishna. “On how soon he gets here and carries the message back to Hastinapura. And returns with an answer.”
“He will return with an army,”
“Do you think your father will take a risk such as that? I do not, but you know him best.”
Suyodhana glowered in silence. Krishna was right of course. Dhritarashtra would send an army only if there was no other option. War was at best a chancy affair. And Krishna had already proved himself to be not quite human.
He’s a monster, thought Suyodhana. But there was nothing he could do. He sighed. He missed Vasusena. He hoped Krishna would not harm him.


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