An Unexpected Twist…. Chapter Six

Suyodhana sat in the clearing under a tree. He was securely bound to the tree. Krishna had gone away some time back and had not yet returned.
Suyodhana was frowning. All his attempts to break the rope had failed. His attempts to free his hands had failed. And he was growing more and more angry and frustrated by the hour.
He felt that if this captivity were to last any longer, he himself would give in and agree to all the demands the cowherd might make. He grimaced. That last thought was not like him. Was the cowherd playing mind games with him?
He could only imagine the anxiety of his parents and brothers. He did not know how long it had been since he was captured. But he hoped that in their anxiety, they would do nothing foolish. Like giving his cousins back their Kingdom.
He sighed. He knew his father. He would not put it past him to ask his cousins for help in finding him. He gritted his teeth. He would rather remain a captive than be rescued by his oh-so-noble cousins.
He yawned. And wondered what the time was. He was not hungry. He could not remember the last time he had eaten. But still he felt no hunger.
More illusions! Thought he. He wondered where Krishna was. Irritating as the man was, he was at least company. He was getting bored. Of course, he could not taunt Krishna since the man refused to be baited. But at least, he could have someone to talk to.
He sighed. How pathetic, thought he. I am actually looking forward to the cowherd’s company!


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