An Unexpected Twist….. Chapter Eight

Suyodhana watched his captor. Krishna looked as unreadable as ever as he built up a fire. It was a cooking fire and suddenly Suyodhana was ravenously hungry.
“Food will be ready soon,” said Krishna.
Suyodhana watched the meat roasting over the fire. The smell was making his mouth water.
“Have some patience,” Krishna said, sounding amused. He was turning the meat over and over. “Unless you want your meat raw.”
“If you were as hungry as I was,” said Suyodhana. “You wouldn’t be so picky.”
Krishna shook his head. “I can’t get my mind around how pampered you really are.” Said he.
“I am a prince,” he growled as his stomach rumbled.
“So are your cousins,” reminded Krishna. “And they survived life in the forest without much trouble.”
“Yea, well, they had plenty of practice,” his tone was vicious.
Krishna chuckled. “I have a good mind to starve you. Hunger is good for developing discipline and self control.”
“Oh really? I thought it was only good for killing people!”
Krishna laughed. “Don’t worry. I don’t intend to starve you.” His tone changed. “And if I wanted to kill you, you would be dead by now.”
Suyodhana was silent.
“And by the way,” said Krishna, apparently still engrossed in turning the meat over. “You should be happy to know that your captivity might be over soon.”
Suyodhana stiffened. “Meaning?”
Krishna had doused the flames and was slicing the meat into pieces and putting it on to a large leaf. He took a pouch and sprinkled something over the meat before handing it to Suyodhana.
“It’s still hot,” he cautioned.
Suyodhana took it, took a small piece, blew on it and put it in his mouth. It was cooked to perfection.
“Didn’t know you were such a good cook,” he said, forgetting all else.
“I’m not,” Krishna’s voice was dry. “But there’s nothing like hunger to make a man appreciate food!”
“What was it you were saying about my captivity?” Asked Suyodhana between mouthfuls.
“Just that I met your friend and gave him my message. If your father agrees to my terms, you shall be free within the week.”
Suyodhana frowned. “You think you have won, don’t you?”
“I think I have averted this war for the time being.”
“What makes you think I shall not attack them in Indraprastha?”
“You will find out how thin your alliances are if you do that without provocation.”
Suyodhana finished his food. He had to admit, albeit grudgingly, that Krishna was right about his allies.


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