There was only darkness now. In this all pervading gloom, Kaikeyi longed for a ray of light for just a moment. But that longing vanished as soon as it was born. She did not deserve the light. She did not know how long she’d been here. A village at the edge of Ayodhya’s borders. Her … More Musings

Love Triumphant

Three The forest was in bloom again. Dipping into the forest pool, Parvati wondered at the marvels that each day in the forest revealed. Whilst she lived in the palace, she had never noticed the primeval attributes of nature. Nor the savagery inherent in her. She’d seen the beauty of flowers, of a sunset or … More Love Triumphant

Love Triumphant

Two   “You are resolved on this,” it was a statement, not a question. King Himavan knew there would be no turning his daughter back from this course. She’d always had a will of her own. And he’d always known that she’d chosen Lord Siva as her husband. “It is the only way for me, … More Love Triumphant

Love Triumphant

One She lay by the pool, her fingers in the water. The water was icy cold, but she hardly felt it. Her mind was still in shock. Were someone to ask her, she would have no answers as to how she reached here. Her feet had carried her here, to this spot, of their own … More Love Triumphant


The night was warm, though the room was at a comfortable temperature. But Bheeshma tossed and turned in his bed, unable to sleep. He should have been sleeping peacefully today. For, he was in Indraprastha where his grandson was conducting the Rajasuya. He could blame it on the long journey from Hastinapura. He could blame … More Inexorable

A Golden Day

She smiled into his eyes. The breeze played with her hair and caressed her body, lifting her Uttariya that she caught it and hugged it close to her. He suddenly felt jealous of the breeze, of her Uttariya, of the jewelled bangles that adorned her shapely arms, of the rings on her fingers, of the … More A Golden Day