Chapter Four

The King looked at his bride. They were alone in the room. The storm had not abated. Night had fallen and the lit lamps inside the room bathed the entire room in a golden glow. The queen was sitting on the bed, facing away from him. Her hands were nervously twisting the edge of the … More Chapter Four

Chapter Three

The sky was overcast and there was no breeze. A procession of chariots moved forward slowly, almost sluggishly as if they were loath to reach their destination. These were not the war chariots built for utility nor the hunting chariots built for speed. These were the chariots that were used by the nobility of Aryavarta … More Chapter Three

Chapter Two

“We have to do something,” spoke the man. He was tall, regal in appearance, with an unlined face, though his hair and beard were both turning grey. He was pacing inside a handsome room, spacious and furnished minimally. Both the ornamental desk and the colourful tapestry were both of the highest quality. A large window … More Chapter Two

Chapter One

The night lay silent, blanketing the landscape in a dark shroud. The moon was a sickle in the sky, not giving enough light to illuminate the earth. The shadowy outline of a large building was barely discernible. The faint light of the moon shimmered over the surface of the river nearby. The night was cold … More Chapter One