Chapter Twelve

Night was falling when a stranger approached the gates of Hastinapura. He was dark, not very tall, but not short either, and wore the red robes of a sage. He was adorned with bracelets of Rudraksha beads while a long chain of Rudraksha beads hung down to his navel. His Uttariya was wrapped around his … More Chapter Twelve

Chapter Eleven

Atiratha made his way home, feeling more tired than usual. He was longing to see his family again. The streets of Hastinapura were deserted. The city was in mourning. Atiratha had feared that he would never be able to see his family again. But fortunately, such a situation did not come to pass. The Sutas … More Chapter Eleven

Chapter Ten

The night was sultry. Not an occasional breeze stirred the curtains in the royal apartments, or caused the flames of the burning torches or the lamps to flicker. The King of Hastinapura stood on the balcony, and surveyed his Kingdom, a twisted smile on his lips. Pandu was a tall man, and though he looked … More Chapter Ten

Chapter Nine

Bheeshma was smiling as he was walking through one of the corridors that led to a small chamber where the spies brought their daily reports to the Pradhanamantrin. It was no longer part of Bheeshma’s duties to listen to these reports or to advice the Pradhanamantrin, but habits died hard. And if Vidura was irked … More Chapter Nine