Blurb for the new work

I’ve been fiddling around to create a blurb for The Elitist Supremacy.

The galaxy of Cynfor is ruled by the immortal despot Cesar Thaxter and his Elite, a highly trained squad of immortal warriors. The Resistance has been trying unsuccessfully to undermine Thaxter’s rule for 800 years, but with no way of neutralizing the Elite and lacking the resources to fight, the Resistance is confined to small pockets in the Galaxy. Forced into hiding, Zain Baako, their leader comes up with a plan to build themselves a safe haven away from the all encompassing reach of the State. But for the plan to succeed, they need to ally themselves with Alexander Selwood, a successful businessman, who is hiding a terrible secret of his own. The Resistance needs Alexander to achieve their goals, but Alexander has his own agendas. Allying with him might be their only chance to further their goals, but what if it places them in even more danger? With his past, how far can they trust Alexander?


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