Author Interview: Geetha Krishnan


This interview is with Geetha Krishnan, author of both The Lost Race and The Elitist Supremacy. The Lost Race is currently available on Amazon.

About Your Novel:

What’s the title of your manuscript / novel? 

Manuscript is titled The Elitist Supremacy

My published work is titled The Lost Race

What genre is your novel?

Both are in the Sci Fi Genre

Give us a quick synopsis and tell us what your book is all about!

The Lost Race is set in a distant future where the earth has been destroyed and humanity has sought refuge in another galaxy. There are two humanoid races already inhabiting the galaxy, one is the benign yet mysterious race of the pendant and the other is the predatory, parasitic race of the Wyrse. The humans are attacked by the Wyrses immediately on arrival but are saved by the race of the pendant who welcome…

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