New projects

As unbelievable as it may sound to anyone who knows me, I’ve been writing about vampires. For nanowrimo this year, and guess what? I already got in my 50k words and finished one of the books. The other is also going on well, and I’m aiming for maybe 75k words this month. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get there, but I’m not going to push myself beyond my limits.

I’ve also been trying to translate some of my favourite Malayalam and Hindi songs into English this month, and let me tell you, that shit’s really tough. Mainly because my command over Hindi is nothing to write home about and so, I’ve had to rely on google to know what some of the words meant. So,all this shit could be utterly and completely wrong, but what the hell, I enjoyed doing it.

Some of my projects have been stalled because of Nano and also because I’ve had some personal tragedies this month, with losing some people, and writing has been my way of dealing with my losses. It has kept me distracted. Death is so final, and sometimes it’s hard to believe that you will never see this person again. nor talk to them.

However, I’m planning on continuing to write all through December and finish off as many of my WIPs as I can, and also start querying for Elitist Supremacy, a sneak peek of which will be posted here soon. Now that I’ve finished the fourth book and have no idea if the series will finish even with a fifth, it seems important to have the first book out there, so if no agents bite, I shall be self publishing it sometime in 2020.

That’s it for tonight’s ramble.


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