Happy New Year

It has been a long time since I had visited here. The major reason is I started an author page here and I have been maintaining a blog over there. Updating two seemed like overkill, but now I think I will use this space to share snippets from my work.

So, who wants a snippet now?

This is from a new WIP I started last Monday.

“What do you have for me?” Sid asked as he entered the morgue, smacking his lips and rubbing his hands.

Hannah rolled her eyes, but beckoned him closer to one of the gurneys on which lay a covered corpse. “Another body. I can’t find anything. The man just dropped dead in the middle of a street. No one saw or heard anything, and there are no signs of foul play.”

Sid held his hands over the corpse, a frown gathering on his face. His magic sparked at the tip of his fingers, though he knew that to Hannah, it would be invisible. He dropped his hands as he found what he was looking for.

“Same as all the others. Nasty curse, poisoned him from within.” He paused. “Hannah, I can’t keep this confidential any more. This has to go to the council. If there’s a rogue wizard, they need to know.”

“Not sure the Inspector will permit it.” She muttered. “You know what the public will say if we involve supernaturals openly. The Mayor’s up for re-election this year, and he won’t like it at all.”

“Those are your concerns, not mine.” Sid shrugged. “My concern is that one of us is going around putting curses on random people. Have you been able to establish any connection between the victims?”

She grimaced, and shook her head. “It’s my job on the line if you go to the council.” She said.

“That’s more important than catching this killer?”

“No, but- damnit, Sid, I’ve bills to pay! A dog and two kids… I need this job.”

“I’ve three cats and bills too, most of which are being paid by my contract with your department.” Sid pointed out. “I’m sorry, Hannah. I can’t sit on this.”

“At least wait till I talk to the Inspector.” She pleaded. “Please, Sid.”

He sighed, but nodded. “All right.” He looked at the body, and took the edge of the sheet. “At least let me see the face of the poor sod-”

He stopped, gasping as he looked at the face of the man he had been having dinner with just the previous evening.

“You know him?” Hannah asked.

“We went on a blind date yesterday.” Sid said. “His name was Garth.”

“Okay.” She muttered. “That’s more information that we had five minutes ago. Let’s go to the Inspector. Fuck, this is bad.”

“No.” Sid said calmly. “If your inspector wants to interrogate me, he will have to come through the council. I’m sorry, Hannah. I’m not extending any more co-operation than I have to in this.”

He opened a portal and stepped through, ignoring her protests. As much as he liked Hannah and enjoyed the work he did with the police, their ingrained prejudices against wizards did get on his nerves most of the time.  


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