Another WIP

Hey all. Back this week with another excerpt from another WIP


Fire raged all around him, an inferno consuming everything in its path. It swirled around, orange tongues and arms reaching for him. Hanir waved a hand, a lazy flick of the wrist and the flames disappeared.

“Disappointed.” he murmured, his eyes fixed on a point where the ashes ended, and the woods began.

He made another motion with his hand, and a scream issued from the woods. A man came stumbling out, staggered and fell. He kept screaming all the while. Hanir approached him, his shoes sinking into the hot ash without any harm. The protection charm he had cast around himself would keep him safe.

He paused at the side of the man. His screams had died down into whimpers. His body was blistered and burned all over, except for his face.

“Hello, Evhar.” Hanir greeted. “Did your master have a message for me?”

“Please.” Evhar whimpered. “Please.”

“Doesn’t sound like you at all.” Hanir knelt by him. “Tell me, did my old friend actually send you?”

Evhar was shaking all over, fear or pain or shock, Hanir couldn’t tell. Not that it mattered. He shook his head slightly as he held his hand over Evhar, and his body healed, the burns and other injuries disappearing.

“You were always a softie.” A jeering voice spoke from behind him. Hanir smiled, but did not turn till he had finished healing Evhar.

“You can take your lackey home, Liren.” He rose and turned to face the other man. “Just don’t send him after me again if you want him back.”

“I didn’t send him.” Liren’s eyes swept the landscape before zeroing in on the still shaking Evhar. “He has acted without orders.”

Hanir brushed the ash from the knees of his jeans, feeling slightly sorry for Evhar. It really was none of his business, however. The man had attacked him, after all. Liren’s expression was quite forbidding.

“Perhaps you should reward him for initiative,” he said, walking away.

Liren’s hand shot forward to catch him by the arm, stopping him. “Is that what you think I should do?”

Hanir looked at the hand holding his arm, and then at Liren. Liren chuckled as he released him. “Well?”

Hanir grimaced. “What you do is your business. He chose to follow you. I suppose he must reap what he sowed.”

Liren frowned, his lips a thin line, eyes stormy. “You’re right.” Hanir could hear the tightly leashed anger in his tone. “It’s none of your business.”

Hanir gave a slight inclination of his head, but Liren’s hand shot forward again as he attempted to move away, though he didn’t touch him this time.

“I would think you want me to stay if you kept this up.” Hanir crossed his arms. “Why don’t you cut to the chase and tell me what you want?”

Liren’s eyes were sombre as they rested on his. “Don’t stand in my way, Hanir.”

Hanir lifted his brow, amusement curving his lips. “Aren’t you the one standing in my way right now?”

“You know what I mean. You left. Why did you even come back?”

Hanir shrugged. “Did you give me a choice?”

“I’m not your responsibility!” Liren grated out. “I never was, and I never will be. When will you wrap your head around that? Stay. Out. Of. My. Way.”

Hanir chuckled as he walked past Liren who made no attempt to stop him. Liren might be right, but Hanir couldn’t stay away, not after everything.

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