Sneak Peek

This is from the sequel to Blue. If you haven’t read Blue, you can buy the book here. I can promise you won’t be disappointed. Out of the Blue is likely to be finished this month.


Something was coming towards him, and Aydin found himself petrified, completely unable to move. The thing stopped an inch before his face, sniffing the air. Aydin didn’t know what to call it. It was insubstantial, passing through solid obstacles like nothing he had seen before, but it looked solid. It was an undulating mass of grey, forming the shape of the objects it passed through. Right now, it had the shape of the chair Aydin had pushed on its way before fear had rooted him to the spot.


The shout came from behind the thing, and it turned. Aydin took a couple of cautious steps back, angling to a side so he could see his rescuer. He wasn’t going to run, leaving whoever it was to face the thing alone. He saw a stranger, but from the uniform it was evident, they were a student in the academy too. They were an older student, probably someone in their final year. Aydin couldn’t see their eyes from here, so he had no idea what their powers were.

Someone clapped a hand over his mouth, bodily lifting him, and Aydin struggled till an unfamiliar voice hissed in his ear, “Stop fighting me, I’m trying to save your ass here.”

Aydin quietened down, and the hand was removed from his mouth. He turned his head to meet quizzical blue eyes, so similar in colour to his own, though a shade lighter.

“Come on,” the student holding him whispered. “Tatum will keep it distracted. Let me get you back to your dorms.”

“Shouldn’t we help?” he whispered back, but allowed the older boy to carry him through a hidden door behind a tapestry.

“Against a Stirthen?” The student snorted. “Nothing we can do. Tatum has a gift, so she’ll be fine for now. I’ll find a professor to help her once I get you to your dorms.”

Aydin was put down once they reached the main corridor of the school, somewhere he could recognise.

“I can get to the dorms from here.” he said. “You should help your friend.”

“She’s my sister.” the boy said, his hand on Aydin’s shoulder as he led him towards the dorms. “So, not bloody likely I’ll leave her there. I just want to make sure you’re safe.”

“I’m Aydin.” he said since there doesn’t seem to be anything more to say.

“I’m Vihaan.” The older student smiled at him. “You’re in which year?”

“7th.” Aydin replied. “Are you a final year?”

“Not yet. I’ve one more year to go.”

They were in front of Aydin’s dorms now, and Vihaan knocked on the stone wall thrice. The wall melted away, and a stern-faced man stood there, his hands on his hips.

“And what was this one doing out so late?” he directed his question at Vihaan.

“There’s a Stirthen in the 4th floor, the secret corridor.” Vihaan said. “He was trapped there. Tatum is distracting it now.”

The man’s demeanour changed and he stilled for one moment before glaring at them again. “I’ve informed the professors. You may return to your own dorm, Vihaan. Tatum will be fine.”

Aydin knew that the keeper of the dorm had just communicated to the professors through a mind link. How he wished he could learn it, but it was taught only in the final year.

“Can I see this one to his bed?” Vihaan asked blandly, making Aydin bristle. He was not a little boy. He could see himself to his bed.

The keeper sighed. “Stay here, then, and I’ll go get your sister.”

He made a portal to the 4th floor, just outside where Aydin had been confronted with the Stirthen, and stepped through.

“Why aren’t we allowed to learn portals and mind links till the final year?” Aydin grumbled.

“Because you need to be older to learn to use them with some degree of responsibility.” Vihaan answered, as he stepped into the hallway leading to the 7th year dorms. “You should get to bed. I’ll be here till the keeper returns.”

Aydin nodded, and turned towards the dorms before looking at Vihaan again. “Thank you.” he said. “You saved my life.”

“You’re welcome.” Vihaan said. “Now get to bed before the keeper returns and we both end up in trouble.”

“Good night.” Aydin said before opening the door to the dorms and entering it. All his friends were already in bed and asleep, and he made his way to his own bed. Getting on to it, he curled up on a side, wriggling inside the sheets, and closing his eyes. His heart was beating normally now, but he could still feel the debilitating terror that had gripped him when he’d seen the thing. He sighed as he curled up into a foetal position, hugging his pillow close. It was going to be a long night.


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