Review of Teeth in the Tide by Rebecca F Kenney

Rari Reviews

I know Rebecca F Kenney as a talented cover artist whose premade covers I often find hard to resist, so, when I saw that she had a new book to be released, I had no hesitation in pre-ordering it.

This book can be described as a genderbent Little Mermaid with a twist. A giant twist. The merman who seeks escape from his watery home is Rake, a breeder in the Mermaid Kingdom where males are either food or breeders. Rake is often abused by the three queens, and longs for escape from the cruel underwater world which is no more than a prison. When the queens let him raise Jewel, one of his spawns, Rake decides that he cannot be a passive spectator in his life anymore, if only for the sake of his son. He has often visited a monster in the deep he calls the Horror, and for…

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