Review of Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell

Rari Reviews

I started this book last night and stayed up till 4 to finish it. Someone please remind me not to start reading books when I should be going to bed. But apart from the fact that I got so little sleep, I have no regrets.

This was a really beautiful book. The prose and the style immediately pulled me in, and the story and the characters didn’t disappoint either. As a fan of M/M romances, it is always refreshing to see societies where such relationships are considered as normal as any other, and genderfluid and genderneutral people are so much the norm that they have gender expressions that include them as well.

The plot deals with the arranged marriage trope. Kiem is a royal prince, one who is fortieth or so in the line of succession, and he is ordered to marry Count Jainen, the recently widowed representative of one…

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