You were the first rebel Not just the Evil Tempter Who made us taste the Forbidden Fruit But the first who dared to rebel against omnipotence To some you were a hero, to others a villain But to all, you were the absolute evil You were blamed for everything that went wrong You were the … More Lucifer


She waits in vain For him to understand The value of her love She knows in her heart That he can’t be reclaimed He is lost of his own will And she has no power to change him And yet she hopes That her love may touch his heart He knows her for a fool … More 27/07/2015

A memory

He stands at his desk Staring out of the window All he can see is a face That haunts his dreams and waking hours He whispers a name And his sigh echoes in the silence An all too brief kiss Is the only memory he has left The name falls from his lips in a … More A memory

One more poem

Up in the sky I soar in the wind Giddy with joy Up in the sky I float with the clouds I blink with the stars I fall with the rain I shine with the sun I roar in delight Up in the sky I fly with the birds Feeling free as air I glide … More One more poem

An old poem

11.12.2013   It matters not the wrongs I did Or the mistakes I made It matters not the hurts I endured The insults I suffered As I hold you tight, and your little fingers curl into mine Your small body snuggled against mine I know what peace is All you want Is for me to … More An old poem


Hold not back your grief, love; let your tears flow Yet show not a moment to him your mournful face Let your heart bleed, love; do not soften the blow Scream inside your head, love; rave and rant at the fates Do not reveal ever to him, the grief of your heart Strength he finds … More Comfort


I need to remember What I have forgotten The lost wonders of a childhood The forbidden delights Of splashing in a puddle Of running through the rain The innocent joys Of laughter without reason And quickly drying tears I have forgotten now But every now and then Your mischievous smile And excited voice Your reproachful … More Childhood

A poem??

I found it lying on the ground, a necklace of gems, glittering in the moonlight. Eagerly did I snatch it, fearful lest someone may come and lay claim to it. Placing it against my breast, I admired myself. Enamoured of the light playing with the gems, I was captivated. I clasped it around my neck … More A poem??