The Homecoming

The palace was the same and yet, Pritha felt the difference. It was the same in appearance, but the atmosphere had changed. From the suspicion in the eyes of her nephews to the barely concealed hostility in the eyes of the Prince of Gandhara, Hastinapura had changed. Pritha tried to tell herself it was her … More The Homecoming

A New Beginning

Prologue Sita squinted her eye. The glare from the river in the sun was difficult to bear. She wondered how it would feel. She had heard drowning was painful. But she deserved a painful death. She drew a few deep breaths. She was shaking. She had no business to be shaking. She had to do … More A New Beginning

The Banished Secret

Chapter Ten The room was in shambles. Broken pieces of furniture lay everywhere. Cushions and mattresses were slashed to pieces. Curtains were ripped from their frames and torn apart. Vasusena stared at the room in dismay. True, he did not live here or use these rooms any more, yet such wanton destruction was inconceivable to … More The Banished Secret

The Banished Secret

Prologue “My son,” the words slipped out before she could stop herself. “What?” Gandhari pounced on her. “Arjuna!” Muttered Kunti, trying to cover up her mistake, but her eyes were fixed on the intruder. Gandhari’s maids were whispering in the Queen’s ears, Kunti saw in dismay. “Then why are you looking at that stranger?” Kunti … More The Banished Secret

The Mansion

Prologue The moon was full. It was the perfect night. He knew this was the night. But just in case something went wrong…. He looked at the package in his hand. “Ram!” His tone was peremptory. The boy came to him. He handed over the package in his hand to the boy. “Take this to … More The Mansion

A Lost Melody

Prologue Mike stepped out of the airport, wondering what awaited him here. It had been almost fifteen years since he had left the country. And he had not bothered to find out what might have been happening here. He had not stayed in touch with anyone. After Annie’s death, when he fled the country, he … More A Lost Melody

My new book

A/N: This is the first chapter of the new novel I’m writing right now. Prologue “I killed my wife,” the voice at the other end of the phone might have been discussing the weather, so matter-of-fact and emotionless was it. On second thoughts, Aftab felt that a discussion of the weather might have been more … More My new book

A Story Lost In Time

Book One: The Fire Does Not Consume ¬†Prologue ¬†Arjuna rushed into the tent. Draupadi looked up. She did not know what made her come there that day. Some sixth sense had drawn her thither. She had come to learn that Vasusena and Arjuna were battling. Yudhistira had told her about his defeat at Vasusena’s hands. … More A Story Lost In Time