The Homecoming

The palace was the same and yet, Pritha felt the difference. It was the same in appearance, but the atmosphere had changed. From the suspicion in the eyes of her nephews to the barely concealed hostility in the eyes of the Prince of Gandhara, Hastinapura had changed. Pritha tried to tell herself it was her … More The Homecoming


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MRS GEETHA KRISHNAN IN ‘MEET THE AUTHOR’ AT K V IDUKKI KendriyaVidyalaya ,Idukki organized “Meet the Author Programme” with the renowned writer Mrs.Geetha Krishnan in the Vidyalaya on 12thOctober.Mrs.GeethaKrishnan,a brilliant writer of a few unique books like Ayana, Mahabharatha, Dharmasasthrapanarathaya etc. She is presently working as Chief…

The Abduction

The horses were in a steady gallop now. The chariot passed smoothly over the uneven terrain, its design and build contributing no less than the skilful handling of the reins by the man driving the horses. Now it seemed the man was no longer in a hurry. The first frenzied rush of the horses and … More The Abduction

Ganesh Chaturthi

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Today is the day we welcome our beloved Ganesh to our humble abodes. He stays for different lengths of times in different homes with a minimum being a day & a half to a maximum of ten days. On the tenth day the idols are immersed in seas & oceans &…