A New Beginning

A/N: So, I had this dream and I wrote this story! Enjoy!! As his car got stopped at the checkpost, Gary scanned the men stationed there. None of them were familiar and they waved him through after a perfunctory and routine verification. Gary did not know if he was relieved or disappointed. It was quite … More A New Beginning


The man stood frozen in fear. Even his innards seemed to be frozen. He wet his lips and wondered what else fate had in store for him. Was he destined to die like this, naked and alone in this dense forest, swallowed by a snake? He, who was the scion of a most noble line, … More Prologue

A Day in Heaven

“They’re at it again,” chuckled Suyodhana. “At what again?” Yudhistira lifted his eyes from the book he was reading. “Discussing us,” Suyodhana smirked. “And they’ve decided I’m the good guy.” Bheema gave him an once over, “I can see what they mean. You do look good.” “Er… I don’t think that’s what they meant,” said … More A Day in Heaven


There was only darkness now. In this all pervading gloom, Kaikeyi longed for a ray of light for just a moment. But that longing vanished as soon as it was born. She did not deserve the light. She did not know how long she’d been here. A village at the edge of Ayodhya’s borders. Her … More Musings

Love Triumphant

Three The forest was in bloom again. Dipping into the forest pool, Parvati wondered at the marvels that each day in the forest revealed. Whilst she lived in the palace, she had never noticed the primeval attributes of nature. Nor the savagery inherent in her. She’d seen the beauty of flowers, of a sunset or … More Love Triumphant

Love Triumphant

Two   “You are resolved on this,” it was a statement, not a question. King Himavan knew there would be no turning his daughter back from this course. She’d always had a will of her own. And he’d always known that she’d chosen Lord Siva as her husband. “It is the only way for me, … More Love Triumphant