Started a new WIP, and this is chapter two “Aten, wake up,” Seren’s tense voice woke him, and he stumbled out of bed, still half awake, his hand inside Seren’s as they went out of the house. Aten stopped, stumbling as he stared around him in disbelief. The woods were burning. “What-” he couldn’t find … More SNIPPET TIME

Sneak Peek

Prologue Mom’s hands were tight on her arm as she dragged Mabel towards the back door. “Mabel, run!” Mom shouted at her, pushing her out of the back door, her voice shrill and her eyes wide with fear as she looked behind her. “Mom!” Mabel sobbed, not understanding. Her arm hurt where her mom had … More Sneak Peek

Sneak peeks

The man stood frozen in fear. Even his innards seemed to be frozen. He wet his lips and wondered what else fate had in store for him. Was he destined to die like this, naked and alone in this dense forest, swallowed by a snake? He, who was the scion of a most noble line, … More Sneak peeks

The Lost Race

Chapter Five The room was the same as before. What had he expected? That it would have changed by itself? Mark felt foolish. They all sat themselves in the couch and the chairs. It was Rowen who broke the silence. “I don’t know your names,” he said. “Oh, we’re so sorry!” Mark said, feeling his … More The Lost Race

The Lost Race

Chapter Four The man who had rescued them smiled, and came forward with his hand outstretched. The smile was warm and made Mark feel relaxed. “I am Swar,” the man said “I know you have been through an ordeal and I am sorry that I have to disturb you right now. I would not have … More The Lost Race

The Lost Race

Chapter Three Mark found himself lying on a bed when he woke. He had no idea where he was or what time it was. He was definitely alive. Were his friends safe? He tried to sit up. “You’re awake,” Mark turned his head so suddenly towards the voice that spoke that he nearly fell off, … More The Lost Race

The Lost Race

Chapter Two Mark was feeling nervous as they approached the planet. It looked similar to earth from space. What awaited them down there? It was not likely for the planet to be uninhabited. What would the natives be like? Would they welcome them or would they turn them away? He thought of the children in … More The Lost Race