The Banished Secret

Chapter Five “You failed.” The voice was dispassionate, the face expressionless. The man swallowed. Somehow the very indifference of the being that confronted him was more frightening than anger or recriminations. He knew that failure would not be acceptable, but he had not expected this level of judgement. He could feel sweat beading his brows, … More The Banished Secret

The Banished Secret

Chapter Four Abhi moaned in his sleep. He was having a nightmare. He and Aditya were walking on top of a cliff. A giant bird swooped down and took Aditya up in his claws. “I shall get rid of him for you!” The voice rumbled like thunder. “No!” He screamed, and the sky changed, became … More The Banished Secret

The Banished Secret

Chapter Three The attackers came out of nowhere. There were twelve men in all, and Bhaskara frowned as he saw that their faces were covered with a dark strip of cloth which showed only their eyes. They were all dressed identically, angavastra, upavastra and daggers sheathed at their waists, and drawn swords in their right … More The Banished Secret

The Banished Secret

Chapter Two “Life sucks!” Abhi declared. His older brother, Aditya lifted his eyebrows but did not answer. Abhi was normally even tempered and sunny, but he too had bad days. Abhi was a handsome young man of around twenty. Though he was lounging on the couch, looking fairly indolent, he did have a good physique. … More The Banished Secret

Thirty Seven

The camp where Pandu stayed with his family was neither silent nor still. Maids and attendants moved across the encampment, doing their daily tasks. It was mid afternoon, and the sun shone bright into the area that had been cleared of trees. The window shades of all the huts had been drawn and those of … More Thirty Seven

Thirty Six

Vasushena was late that day returning home. It wasn’t because Bakula held him up. In fact, Bakula had left, though he had not given any indication to Vasushena the previous day. Vasushena had searched for him all morning before returning home despondently. He could not believe that Bakula had left just like that. Vasushena had … More Thirty Six

Thirty Five

“That’s good,” Bakula said, watching Vasushena with a keen eye. Vasushena had cleared an area in the forest so he could practice with the weapons. He was a fast learner, and Bakula knew there wasn’t much more he could teach him. Everything else was practice and experience, and those were things that none could teach. … More Thirty Five