Happy New Year

It has been a long time since I had visited here. The major reason is I started an author page here and I have been maintaining a blog over there. Updating two seemed like overkill, but now I think I will use this space to share snippets from my work. So, who wants a snippet … More Happy New Year

New projects

As unbelievable as it may sound to anyone who knows me, I’ve been writing about vampires. For nanowrimo this year, and guess what? I already got in my 50k words and finished one of the books. The other is also going on well, and I’m aiming for maybe 75k words this month. Keeping my fingers … More New projects

The Lost Race

So, this is something I’d earlier published in KDP, but decided to rewrite because it seemed like I could do better with the whole storyline. Despite many people praising it, I was always not fully satisfied with it. So now I’ve unpublished it from all platforms and am going to rewrite it. I decided to … More The Lost Race

Pages of Surprises: The Joy and Despair of Being a Pantser

Uh, pantser? Simply, it refers to writers who write by the seat of their pants. Those who make it up as they go along. Sometimes they have a general idea where the plot is going, and where it is supposed to go, but mostly, they’re also waiting to find out as they write. Really? Writers … More Pages of Surprises: The Joy and Despair of Being a Pantser